Moledebater​/​Autarky Split

by Autarky

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Download the album and receive a special bonus track that is only 22 seconds long so you can spend less time listening and more time doing. Visit the Moledebater page to listen to the rest of the split


released August 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Autarky Brandon, Manitoba

Being a stinky little guy isn't always easy. That's why it's sometimes best to be a little bit bigger and smell a whole lot more.

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Track Name: Thanks For The Junk!
Thanks for the poisoned water,
the toxic air, and
cancerous food,
thanks for legally binding but arbitrary ownership,
and the jobs.
All of which has generated capital
syphoned into your already padded pockets.
We must have reached
the end of history by now.
At least you have.
isn't it great?
There is no more struggle, for you
You're comfortable
with a monopoly under your control.
But most of all, I thank you,
great men of industry,
for channelling your self interest
and from it creating a better world.
Track Name: Whoever Controls The (Mass) Media Controls The Mass(es)
Democracy has failed when the masses are all idiots who do not know what it best for themselves. These are the people deciding on our behalf. Single sided issues spun by the (mass) media which spews out information selected by private interests. We are all victims of strategic marketing censorship. Adequate education is essential to democracy, but our so called "leaders" have failed to provide.
Government has failed.
Track Name: Lawn Mowers Are Poor Design Problem Solutions
Outside your box is the world of the living,
And you carry on as if it were a blank canvas under your control.
Don't cut the lawn, you idiot, it isn't a carpet
It is a place you have already destroyed and it's trying to recover.

Lawnmower propaganda, neighbouring competitors
expanses of mono-crops not meant for human consumption
Goats work great but billions are starving
because you take their food and utilize fertile soil here for lawns

I'm sick and tired of hearing you complain
about the yard work that I don't agree with!

Gardens not lawns
Nourishment not lawns
Forests not lawns
Shelter not lawns
Diversity not lawns
Teleology not lawns
Habitat not lawns
Acceptance not lawns
Track Name: You Don't Care
I'm used to waking up to the birds singing, but not today; you've successfully killed everything and you don't even care. (Oh honey, it would be so nice to have a barbeque today. Oh baby I'm so pretty bourgeoisie).
Track Name: National Anthem
Thanks for telling me what I should and should not be. I'm glad that our country is so goddamn free.
Track Name: Bitumen Nation
Big trucks; pipelines; parking lots; idiots; shopping malls; garbage dumps;
excessive consumption and luxuries; hamburgers and fries
with extra cheese; children indoctrinated by violence; self righteous conservative sentimental appeal; oil worship and corporate worship, too,
forcing worn out solutions. I hope some day soon the oil will all disappear.