by Autarky

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released June 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Autarky Brandon, Manitoba

Being a stinky little guy isn't always easy. That's why it's sometimes best to be a little bit bigger and smell a whole lot more.

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Track Name: Printer Apocalypse I
Landfills of printers/obsolete machines;
Plotting their vengeance against the hopeless human beans.

The weak will die first from electric shock,
The rest will die next by gigantic robotic cock.

You think you'll save yourself by being kind to them,
But time is running out for you!
Track Name: Sucessful Prevention of War is Birth Control
You should ask yourself,
"What is so necessary about
economic growth?"

Are you more happy
with all the distractions
and destruction?

Production must be maintained
In case of outbreak of war,
Because war is more profitable (than peace),
Warfare will stay.
Track Name: I Don't Ever Want To Be Redundant
I don't ever want to be redundant!
Track Name: Where the Hell is My Pick?
Where the hell is my pick?
It sure disappeared quick
I swear just had two
And lost one to the vacuum.
Now I have none
Where could it have gone?
I think I'll stop playing guitar
And smash my neighbours' car.
Track Name: Need Not, Want Not (Want Not, Need Not)
I don't even want a job
Whatever it is it won't be useful
What will I contribute to society?
If anything this (type of) economy increases anxiety
And divides humanity

I don't even want a job
Whatever I do it won't be useful
I just want to play guitar
And write these fucking shitty songs
Track Name: Printer Apocalypse II
Them robots are comin'
Silhouettes upon the horizon
Burnin' clubs in their hands
Printers transformed into heads

No electric shock today for these unfortunate humans
They suffer a death much worse, wallowing in their own carefree existence
No time to prepare; all of us have been employed by the various employers
The cause of our destruction

And you won't believe anything until you're down on your knees
And physically taking it from the robotic cock
Meanwhile you believe everything contrary to the truth
And buy every word from anyone in power!

Strapped to a chair in a nursing home after a long life of hard work and away from those who love you
Before life passes you by abolish the principles of private property,
of slavery
Track Name: Unemployed
I'm waiting for a phone call but I don't want the phone to ring
I'd rather be unemployed than someone's slave thing
I think that life's more precious than most of us choose to realise
The way we're chosen to exist is ripe with suffering
Reject those invisible chains and join the world wide general strike
Or be a scab on everyone else's legs, arms, heads, and minds